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  • Cooling Determining Apparatus
    Cooling Determining Apparatus

    Main features1, equipment import double compressor cascade refrigeration, environmentally friendly refrigerants, refrigeration speed.2, has changed the traditional way of electromagnetic stirring, usi

  • Million Grease Shear Tester
    Million Grease Shear Tester

    Main featuresExtension of cone penetration test and shear stability of alternative tests.Number of monitors can display their own cut.Counters can count on their own.The whole apparatus compact, compl

  • Vacuum Vapour Pressure Tester
    Vacuum Vapour Pressure Tester

    Technical parametersApplicable standards: SH/T0293Potentiometer: 303;Hot sheet: 0-200 cIonization Gage with regulation: JIM-2Ionization Gage: WY2000, 2000VA;

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GIF Electrical Technology Co., Ltd has an annual output capacity of 500,000 motor, stepper motors, servo motors, oil equipment, AC servo motors, brushless DC motors, drives, have been widely used in CNC machine tools, oil analysis equipment, packaging and printing machinery, printing and dyeing textile equipment, military and robots, and other fields. Products are mainly exported to India, Brazil, United States and other countries, and user equipment exported to all over the world.

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